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Technology Services


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Sound Systems

With packages for rental we'll accommodate audiences from fifty to five thousand simple conferences or large scale corporate events with performing artist bands are a part of our technology companies in Dubai, portfolio of services. Whether or not the event is large corporate, fashion, or DJ back-grounded we have got the system to suit the show.

We offer prime quality sound systems/ Audio Visual Equipment Rental which will offer you with the clarity and crispness you expect from our skilled technicians and audio designers. We know the importance of obtaining your message to the audience and that we will deliver.


From simple switchers to Media Servers, we provide support for all live event needs. Sophistication with Hi-Definition, pixel mapping and subject field projection enable creative avenues to line your event apart. we offer large and Small-scale projection, Led Screen Rental, Outdoor/indoor LED Screens, , indoor LED video wall, touch screen furthermore as an oversized range of bit screen selections to communicate effectively your vision and makes your event great.

Clarity, brightness, and presentation are what you'll expect for your next event from our qualified video technicians. We provide solely the finest video equipment to ensure your audience a pleasant viewing experience.


We provide an excellent range of packages from simple stage wash to complete environmental immersion. We provide state of the art equipment packages for our client’s once they need. Attention to style and feel help create your entirely realized atmosphere.

We provide theatrical stage lighting, professional event lighting, and concert lighting. we feature an in depth inventory of skilled lighting equipment together with club and party lights, ballroom lighting, high power laser projectors, intelligent lighting effects, gobos, pattern lights, dimming and lighting controls, moving luminaries, par-can lighting, laser lights, restaurant lighting, computer graphics LED lighting, club lasers, spots, floods, DJ lasers, amusement lighting, machine-driven lighting and complete lighting consoles.

Interactive Displays

We've been playing with the Kinect for Windows for a while. Mind Spirit has uncovered uses ideal for event, retail, brand, and high-traffic spaces applications. One of our evolving explorations revolves around using it to create public engagement scenarios.

One of our ideas was to capture passersby and present their likeness back to them in motion, in real time, and in an altered reality sort of way. What was the result? Something we call the Kinect Interactive Window Display. It's a simple, fun, and colorfully striking concept.

Our astute shows and movement diversions, augmented reality AR photo booths and distinctive sorts of organizations have been used for trade events, hall works out, corporate occasions, school establishments or enactments, presentation stands, shopping mall in citation, and some more.

These trend setting innovations and augmented reality Dubai have opened up incredible open doors for advertisers to pick up an upper hand. So what would you be able to anticipate from our intuitive administrations?

  1. Easy to use - We make a point to make fun communications that are not convoluted, but rather simple to appreciate
  2. Novelty - With the numerous capabilities of our various technologies and our thirst to keep developing with new concepts, you're certain that your interactive activity is going to be distinctive, innovative, and media worthy.
  3. Full Support from beginning to end - we will facilitate conceptualize your interactive activity, turn out a CUSTOM created content, and mount the interactive activity for your event with our complete equipment. we additionally accommodate simultaneous runs.
  4. Catchy - With our many experiences in events, we pride ourselves in providing services that people line up for and gather a lot of passersby's attention.

Recall - With a fun, interactive, and fascinating way to communicate your key message, the experience will become unforgettable!

AUGMENTED REALITY | Event Technology Services

Augmented Reality is the ground-breaking virtual application for advertising, marketing applications, and much more. The exciting integration of live video, in live time that creates digital scenes holds endless opportunities.

AR (Augmented Reality) are regularly live, backhanded or coordinate, duplicate of a genuine environment, where those segments are supplemented by CG tactile info like video, illustrations, sound or GPS information. It's associated with a numerous general plan referred to as mediate reality, within that a view of reality is changed (possibly even diminished instead of augmented), by a PC. As a result, the technological functions by enriching the current perception of reality. In distinction, virtual reality (VR) replaces the physical world with a simulated one. With the help of cutting edge augmented reality innovation (for e.g. using CG & object recognition) the information with respect to the surface physical world of the user ends up intuitive and digitally manipulative.

Artificial content concerning the environment and its objects are usually overlaid on the physical world. Our accomplished experts have what it takes to give full Event Technology Services to any size occasion, expo, display or extraordinary gathering. Proficient Event Technology Services given by MIND SPIRIT Event Technology incorporate Audio, LED Display, Lighting, Projection, Staging and Video. In short If you looking at Augmented reality in Dubai, Mindspirit is the place for you.


Meet the photo Booth 360°. Whether your event could be a wedding, birthday, company event, vacation party, exhibition stand, employees party, having 360° event photo Booth there'll actually be a memorable experience and distinctive addition to any party with our reasonable rates and packages......Call Mind Spirit Design now to book your event!.

Our circular frame is rigged with up to fifty cameras, able to capture you from each angle. Hop within the middle, strike a (dramatic) pose, and zap – there you have got it. You, frozen in 3D, suspended mid-jump.

Think 360° time freeze. Think The Matrix.

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