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Surprisingly Imaginative

We are a fully loaded design organisation with express solutions to all your design needs, be it your interiors, your exteriors, the marketing tools or your brand identity. Mind spirit started off with a strong mind and a high spirit in 2001. A team of experts was carefully selected and a strong organisation kick started. Today we are firmly established and deliver quality work valuing time. We are the best among the event & exhibition companies in Dubai having presence not only in UAE but across the globe.

How we do it is simple. We all put our heads together, including you. The better we get to know you and how you want to be recognized, the better your target will respond to our design. We don't want to just say that we're better, we want to show you. The work on our site are examples of how we can take your project from an idea to a success story. Our work will tell you that we are one of the best exhibition companies in Abu Dhabi.

Our own success story can be attributed to many things, but we like to think it is because of our friendly attitude and our amazing designers. Working closely with our clients, we often act as an extension of your company, completely immersing ourselves in your business and the competitive environment that it sits in. That's where creativity that exceeds expectation thrives and we become the ultimate exhibition companies in Dubai.



We create objects as we think them, not as we see them. We Focus:

On You

Developing close working relationships is the way we produce outstanding creative. We ve worked extensively with national and international organisations and SMEs, both in the public and private sectors. Getting the job done well comes from understanding not only their requirements but also their aspirations and goals.

On Your Brand

The brand as an entity must deliver its own characteristics to form a singular and cohesive brand personality. We deliver and create brands through understanding, familiarization and interaction to find out as much as possible about your brand and the environment it's competing in.

On Your Target and Your Competition

Part of developing your brand is knowing who you’re talking to and who else is talking to them. We research your target in terms of their demographics and psychographics, and also research your competition in terms of their creative strategy and what they're saying. We then position you so that your target can differentiate you from your competition and ultimately be drawn to your identity.

On Design

An increasingly saturated environment plays a major role in the design and strategic decision-making of your brand. Branding and strategy can determine the level of success that a company will have. Knowing this, we keep ourselves abreast of all the latest innovations in design. We also make sure that we re trained in all new software and that we maintain our involvement in the design community. That way our designers have a thorough knowledge of your industry and ours, which adds up to a well-rounded and dynamic end result.


Exhibition Stand Companies


Exhibits and Kiosks

Mind Spirit has attained the Top position in exhibition stand companies by provides solutions for designing and building exhibition stands using over 10 years experience of custom as well as modular exhibition stand design and build. Mind Spirit provides cost effective space only solutions offering a variety of exhibition stands and modular exhibition stands and take the stress out of your exhibition project.

We are the exhibition stand companies in Dubai which design and build both modular and bespoke exhibition stands which transform floor space into effective brand and product environments, each one created to deliver to your precise requirements.

Interiors & Exteriors

Interior design is the process of shaping the experience of interior space, through the manipulation of spatial volume as well as surface treatment. We offer a comprehensive package of cost effective services, everything from private consultations and advice to fantastic branded makeovers, made to simplify and help you achieve good interior and exterior design solutions. The services are split between two types, Commercial and Residential.Our design team combine creative talent and practical understanding to produce innovative and striking interiors and exteriors. Be it commercial or residential, we are committed to upholding the integrity of your brand and delivering on budget.

Graphics & Printing

We are a full-service communications agency, capable of handling all of your design and marketing requirements, whatever size or industry your business is in.

We believe that design should be viewed as an essential business tool, being the most significant way a company can differentiate itself in the marketplace. Our team can work with you to create, maintain and grow your customer relationships through visual communications and strategic marketing activity.

Being the number one exhibition stand design company in Abu Dhabi, US, UK, India & Europe our fully integrated studio is capable of handling all of your graphic design, print and marketing requirements. Using our creativity and experience we will find the best possible solution for you.


Exhibition Stand Companies In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

"Because our hand is the extension of the thinking process - the creative process."

Because We:


It is essential to clearly understand the client objectives. In this preliminary stage we conduct interviews to establish the criteria by which we create. This will result in documenting a design brief which will form the basis of our research.

We will carry out investigative research to familiarise ourselves with competitor information, and analyse other relevant market conditions.


In response to the brief we prepare our conceptual ideas. In this stage we brainstorm our initial thoughts, and begin to formalise the design strategy.We'll establish the practical and structural implications that need to be determined before we approach the aesthetic options. Our ideas need to be communicated in a clear way, so we tailor our presentation style to your needs.


Once the concept is approved we begin to prepare the construction information. This will be assembled as drawing packages and written specifiations which relate to preferred and nominated contractors and specialists. We will liaise with the professional and statutory bodies to maintain compiance in the legal aspect.


Finally, the implementation stage is either a project management or supervisory role, depending upon your requirements. The main objective is to ensure that the design intention is maintained throughout the building process.

Normally a supervising role, which includes Mind Spirit Design in the project team at all stages, and will keep us informed and alert us to any arising issues.

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