Commercial production rentals, camera rentals, professional lighting rentals and more – our rental department will help you achieve your masterpiece.

We stock everything to take your production to the next level. Plus, we provide free after hours support for all our rental customers just in case you encounter any problems with the equipment or need some help to get you through.
Our passions and expertise include art photography, product photography, portrait photography, event photography and wedding photography. Mind Spirit Design Studio offers photography services from our talented in-house photographers and a pool of professional photographers within the region. This line of work affords the opportunity to meet new and interesting people. We are excited to grow our network and hope you will join us!
Mind Spirit Design Studio undertakes video production and post-production that operates as a division of Mind Spirit Designs LLC. As a digital business development and strategic communications firm, we utilize video production as an important channel for helping our clients create and communicate their brand message. Whether the communication is targeted for an external audience such as consumers and customers or an internal audience such as employees, vendors, and contractors, Mind Spirit Design works closely with our clients to create effective and targeted messaging that gets the desired results.
Mind Spirit Design Studio offers a film and photo studio rental space. Most still photo productions have everything included in the price of the studio rental. The goal of the space is that you, the photographer can just bring your camera and have everything else you need at your disposal for your shoot. Please check us out and feel free to email us at if you have any questions.
Mind Spirit Design Studio has an extensive database of profiles for male and female promoters, hostesses & brand ambassadors with substantial experience in Dubai and the UAE market. We also have collaborated with plenty of Model Agencies in Dubai representing the many world class international and local models, there is an abundance of talent available.

Contact us and let us share with you our profiles and help you chose the right candidate for your next photo shoot or event.

go on, be brilliant.

Film Production Companies in Dubai | Film Production Dubai

Film Production

involves legions of activities, from an initial story, idea, or assignment, through scriptwriting, casting, shooting, directing, editing, and screening the finished product before an audience, which may result in a theatrical release. Prior planning before starting the actual

film production

can turn a film into blockbuster and

film production Dubai

handles it very well.

Film Production

is a business that is full of speed bumps and potholes, causing an aspiring filmmaker to stumble more often than not. Up front, there are the main goals of finding a script, hiring a crew, casting the roles in the movie and finding financing to help get it made. The goal of Film Production Companies Dubai is to make sure everything is shot on time and under budget so the film can reach to

Video Editing


Moreover, one of the toughest things to learn in

film production

is that the actual task of making the movie is not the hard part of the endeavour. While writing, directing and editing a movie is not easy by any means, the hardest part of making a movie might be on the production side. It is the producers who raise the money, secure the releases and bring on the cast and crew needed to get the movie off the ground.

From writing a mission statement to putting together a package, the producers have many tricks up their sleeves to pull out when it comes time to get people to open their pocket books. The most important part of raising money is to remain professional and make sure that everything is on the up and up.

We are one of the best passionate

Film Production Companies in Dubai

which love producing powerful and creative films as well as content. Our meticulous attention to detail and absolute dedication to each and every project has lead to the worthy reputation we proudly hold today.


Mind Spirit Design

enjoy the entire creative process, from developing the initial concept to capturing the raw footage on set and finally to shaping the end product with

video editing

, post–production effects, and colour correction. As a client, you never have to worry about the technical challenges of the production process, because we confidently guide the project from concept to delivery so that you can focus your energy on creative collaboration. Our team is composed of talented, driven professionals who know how to achieve the great results on time and within your budget. Whether it is

Corporate Video

, Documentary, TV Commercial, and Music Video or as small as an Event Videography, our Creative

Video Production Company in Dubai

provides high quality videos at a very competitive price.

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