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    Hologram Technology Dubai | Holographic Display Dubai | Hologram Companies in Dubai

    Are you looking for creative ways to spice-up the promotion of your products at conferences,

    exhibition stand designs




    event production


    Holographic displays

    are a great way to captivate attendees and engage them with your brand. Our partnership with a new experiential collaborative group Dfilms has got you covered.

    Hologram projection

    is a latest hi-definition projection technology used to capture a person in 3D aspect and audience at the other end feel the presence of real person. And the most interesting part of

    hologram technology

    is you don't need to wear any kind of 3D glasses and you can interact with the virtual person as a real entity.

    Hologram projection technology

    is a part of customer engagement strategy which serves as great marketing strategy for a business.

    Hologram companies in Dubai

    are making use of cutting edge technologies to leverage the great results out of this technology. Using creative and unique

    Dubai hologram projection technology

    with the help of

    hologram companies in Dubai

    will guarantee you're not just another brick in the wall. Mind Spirit Design offers 42-inch holographic display units, available for rent. These units offer an affordable, ROI-rich alternative that brings tradeshows, exhibits and presentations to life.

    These holographic displays are fully integrated

    3D illusions

    using cutting-edge technology. Witness the combination of physical objects with 3D imagery, lending an aspect of virtual reality to any viewing experience. Unlike their life-sized counterparts, these holographic illusions are smaller in size. These displays are perfectly suited to showcase items that might be too large or costly to implement at full scale.

    We are also available to consult and build custom content for display units to ensure optimal design and projection. Let us make your products stand out by showcasing them in a whole new light.

    We are one of the first companies in Dubai that can actually produce

    Live Hologram Technology

    . Just imagine you seeing yourself in the hologram and that too LIVE.

    We also produce

    large size Holograms

    to provide you an impeccable experience.

    Virtual Hostess


    Minority Report Screens

    , Large

    Transparent Screen Projections

    are just some of the few products to mention. Consult us now for your next project and get prepared to stand out of the crowd.

    Comprehensive system design, installation, and support services for projects of all levels of complexity. We strive to build systems that allow our clients to focus on the business at hand and not be distracted by the technology.

    To receive your quote within 24 hours or for further information email us at info@mindspiritdesign.com or simply call us at +971 56 4152444 or +971 50 4336772.

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